Oculi Sound Chamber Dwelling

               Enhance your Well-Being by harmonizing your inner light with star light 

Research in architectural designs that integrate our human resonance with natural earthly vibrations of the land, and its geography and forms; all to assist in designing a balancing life style with the healing vibrations of sound, light, and elements of the cosmos.  

Dwell in an Adventure of the Cosmos

Solo exhibition, "Architecture in Resonance with the Cosmos," opened November 19, 2015 to January 22, 2016, at Florida International University's Miami Beach Urban Studios during Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Earth, Sky, Cosmos: Health and Wellness Life Style Design


Simon Koumjian III,  Architectural Astronomer investigates the relationship between cosmology, light, sound, and the science of Nutrigenomics to design your particular architecture aesthetic and life style to enhance your wellness.

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